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Digg’Out is a Dutch youth organisation which focuses on the cross-grained, young rebels who are experiencing difficulties in adjusting to today’s society. Digg'Out encourages them to take up the responsibility for their own life and to make the most of it by respecting themselves as well as others. It helps them back to school or to a job. The organisation’s core strategy and greatest strength is the “For Us, By Us” principle. That is: for young people, by young people.


Digg'Out facilitates in support, guidance, training and work. It’s a network of young people, education and business.




Mail: info@diggout.nl



Telephone: +31 36 5247839
Marktmeesterstraat 18

1315 GE Almere-Stad

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Telephone: +31 20 7894473
Hoogoord 191a

1102 CK Amsterdam ZO

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Mondays to Fridays: 11-16 hrs



Tuesdays to Fridays: 11-15 hrs


Other times only on appointment.



"It isn't the rebels who cause the troubles of the world, it's the troubles that cause the rebels." (Carl Oglesby)






Democracy and freedom of speech are vulnerable matters. Especially the obstinate, rebellious young people arouse the anxiety of the authorities and are more likely to become a victim of unreasonable and illegitimate conduct. The current policy of getting rebellious young people in line the hard way demonstrates how ineffective this is. These rebels force us to think. They are fundamental to our society, which can only function with and because of them. They connect adults and invite them to actively participate.


Digg’Out supports the rebels of our society to be the director of their own lives. In an inspiring and positive way. With respect for themselves and respect for other people.






Digg’Out’s core strategy is the "VoO-DoO" strategy. VoO-DoO stands for "VoOr Ons DoOr Ons” which means “For Us, By Us” in Dutch. Hence, for young people, by young people. The underlying thought is that only young people know what young people want and need. Role models create role models.


The organisation works in a getatable, accessible, pro-active and pragmatic way following the action by learning and learning by doing approach. Empowerment is achieved by the creation of unusual combinations of youngsters who learn together and work together.


Why? The primary goal is to empower young people to return to school or get a job. This is how Digg’Out stimulates the integration and emancipation of youngsters and increases their participation in society. Self-guidance, autonomy and above all guarding one’s authenticity are the key themes in everything we do.


GRUNDTVIG Learning Partnerships

Grundtvig logo


Lifelong Learning Programme


"Let play, sing and dance together: efficient non-formal education for adults" is a Grundtvig Learning Partnership project that has been developed to: (i) to increase adults’ learning positive awareness of the varied European cultural scene; (ii) to explore common and differences in European ethnic, classical, jazz, rap and pop music compositions, songs and dances to develop sense and understanding of diversity and (iii) to support practical cooperation activities between organizations working in the field of adult learning with the aim to establish contacts and share best practices and experience in LLP. Target groups are composed of different ages and backgrounds, with a special focus on unemployed, seniors, disabled and national minorities.


The implementation of this project will also help:

  1. To learn new skills and methods from partners in teaching for adult learners;
  2. To share music, songs and dances from partners’ countries;
  3. To motivate learners and staff members to learn foreign languages;
  4. To increase learners’ self confidence through project activities;
  5. To foster the sense of European citizenship and value of its diversity.


There will be workshops and seminars about music, songs, dances and about adult education and intercultural dialogue in every partners' country organised during the same months and also during mobilities foreseen in the project calendar. The final products will be project DVDs with videos of partners' music, songs and dances performed in groups and also national music samples collected by adult learners for partners; project folder and logo; sets of project materials. DVDs and all other project materials will be disseminated in partners' organisations, in local communities, partners' countries and for wider audience using new media.


Local activities The Netherlands

pdf "Let's Play" local activities The Netherlands



Partner organizations







logo Europees Platform

EU Life Long Learning Programme

For whom...?


For young ‘rebels’, dropouts, young people with little job opportunities, young people with problems, who are at a loose end. They can drop in whenever they want. We look at each person’s individual situation and competences and help them to find a place in society, to get back to school or find a job.

By whom?


Young people! This is the strength of Digg’Out, young people who help, teach, assist, guide and work with other young people. The 'adults' involved in Digg’Out mainly have a facilitating, coaching and structuring role.


The 'older' young (22-30 years) work together with the 'younger young (17-22 years) in an unconventional way. For example, a psychologist (26) works together with a Society & Philosophy teacher (24) to train peer educators (17-22 years) who in turn give workshops about such topics as respect, anti-vandalism and anti-discrimination to youngsters of the age of 12-18 years. .

Work with us?


Digg’Out is an acknowledged teaching company. This means it is an official place for students from various schools for a practical training. You can work as a trainee in the following fields:


a. shop (Frantic skateshop)

b. office/administration

c. music events organisation

d. social work

e. communications

f. marketing

g. mini enterprise

h. artist management

i. social cultural development


If you want to do your practical training at Digg'Out, please contact us by mail/phone or just drop in during the week!


Work Are you interested in working with young people and do you feel like working with us? Then please contact us to discuss the possibilities.

D.O. gallery

The D.O.Gallery offers a platform for young talented artists and students of design and fashion academies. Expositions of all kinds of art. The work is urban, bold, daring, different and above all young at heart.


See also



for more information, current and previous expositions.





René Kempenaar

René Kempenaar (19 September 1954 – 16 April 2007), for ever in our hearts.


"Problem youth does not exist, only youth with problems."


Speaking up...


"I want to be taken seriously. I gather my information from so many different places that you cannot fool me. I do not believe automatically what you say. I have respect for people who really know, not for someone who rattles off a story from a book."


"I want respect for who I am. I do not want to be treated differently from adults, just because I am young. I want personal attention and I do not want to be a number."


“I am a youngster, I am interested in this world, I am enthusiastic and social, it is important to me what happens in this world. I just do not believe that things can be solved with the current political systems of today. I prefer to find my own form, my own way. I do not want to be copied. I love people with an own identity who stand firm in their visions.”


"Adults just don't understand us."


Quotes from the Dutch book “Generatie Einstein” (Translation: The Einstein Generation) of Jeroen Boschma and Inez Groen.




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